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All Poetry: All poems available on this site are now available for purchase in Text Only Format. To read more about Text Only Poem Format click here

If You Would Like to Buy a Poem to Frame:
Only the poems listed below are available on 8 1/2 x 11 Card Stock paper, but only in limited supply, so we are selling them on a first come, first serve basis. Card Stock paper is a thicker paper (versus copy paper) designed for self framing. These poem have been professionally type set by a printing company and then imprinted on card stock paper. The card stock paper is light beige in color. They make a nice gift for any occasion. We do not have a preview of the poems on card stock, but you can read the poems by clicking on the links below.

Price Per Poem


Shipping & Handling Cost $2.00 first item, .50 for each subsequent poem
  (please note: the poems are mail to you in a photo mailer to protect them from wrinkling.
Check Payable to: Evelyn Stankowski
232 Longhirst Loop Ocoee, Florida 34761
Email Order request to: Contact Us (include the name of the poem)


Angel of Mercy Collection


Angel of Mercy Collection


Tribute to a Nurse's Aide


LPN Tribute


Tribute to a Graduate Nurse


Tribute to Home Care Nurses


Tribute to Nursery Nurses


Tribute to Obstetric Nurses


Tribute to Psych Nurses


Tribute to School Nurses


Tribute to Delivery Room Nurses


Angel of Mercy (Nursing Tribute)


Tribute to a Psychiatric Attendant


Tribute to a Doctor


Tribute to a Fireman


Brethren Collection


Brethren Collection


The Nails


Unseen Comfort


Precious Words


Petals of Gold Collection


Petals of Gold Collection


A Child's Magic


The Gift of Hope


(Note: this poem is on white paper with  multicolored confetti background)


About the Tributes:
The nursing tributes were a result of either; my own personal experience in that specific nursing field or the result of someone taking the time to give me an interview about their specific nursing specialty.  Like-wise, the non-nursing tributes are a result of someone in that specialty giving me an interview to describe their job role.

Help Us Write a Tribute About Your Job Role:
If you would like to see a tribute about your specific job role, you can either phone me (Evie) at (407) 654-9529 and we can arrange a phone interview or click here: to download our job questionnaire form.  You may also send an email to with the following information:

-Name of your specific specialty 
-Job Role Initials (if applicable)
-Pros of your Role
-Cons of your Role

-Describe a day at you job: Describe your day - what you do. Include what is the most stressful part of your job, what s the best part of your job, and if there are any slang terms used in your day to day work environment, (example: when I interviewed my sister (an automotive tinter) she described that the term "fish bowl car" was a term tinters used to describe the most difficult type of car their is to tint, and while this was not an official term in the field, it is a common term known among tinters.

And a big thank you in advance for your time and willingness to share.